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Oral Applaince Therapy

FDA Approved Oral Appliances - Learn More Here

Find relief for your obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) with our customized oral appliances.

Oral appliances are custom-fit, painless, comfortable and effective.

Our custom-fit oral appliances are FDA approved and non-surgical.

There are various treatment options for OSA:

* Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP)
* Surgical intervention
* oral appliance therapy (OAT) including mandibular advancement devices and DNA appliances

Benefits of DNA Appliance Therapy:

1.     Resolution of Migraine Headaches and TMJ Symptoms

2.     Reduction/Elimination of Sleep Apnea and Airway Problems

3.     Postural Improvements

4.     Appliance is Removable and only needs to be worn in the evenings and night time.

5.     Improved Athletic Performance

6.     Better Nasal Breathing

7.     Reduced or Resolution of Snoring

8.     Improved Sleep

9.     Increased Energy

10.   Decreased Anxiety

11.   Improved Metabolism